NEW Laser Cut 'In this house... we do Harry Potter' Long Quote Sign

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300.00 mm x 3.00 mm x 420.00 mm
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NEW Laser Cut 'In this house... we do Harry Potter' Long Quote Sign

NEW Version of our Harry Potter Quote

A magical long quote, full of little verses and phrases from a very well known film collection. 

'In this house 

We Solemnly Swear we are

up to no good.

It's pronounced LeviOsa not LevioSA!

We don't go looking for trouble

trouble usually finds us.

It's sort of exciting isn't it? Breaking the rules.

We remeber that the ones that

we love never really leave us.

We use our broom for flying not sweeping.

We send letters by Owl and

board the train at platform 9 3/4

Happiness can always be found

even in the darkest of times.

We don't forget to live and we

pitty those who live without love

Books and cleverness.

There are more important things,

Friendship and Bravery.

We catch Golden Snitches and

know the sorting hat has never been wrong.

We know that we all have magic inside of us.

Because in this house we do

Harry Potter.


Detailed design Created using a variety of different fonts to make each line stand out from the next. A combination of stars, lightening bolts, snitch, broom, hats, & glasses used to link all the wording together. Perfect gift for any magical wizard!

A great design which will look perfect on any wall in a family home with children! (And Adults too!!)

Approx 300mm Width x 420mm Height

Made from 3mm or 6mm quality MDF
Available in other variations.
 All of our items are laser cut and etched in great detail for a more defined item.
Great item for home crafting or professional crafting.


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